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Funky and Fancy makes a range of personalized, handmade accessories, clothing, and footwear.

Funky and Fancy Reviews

Funky and Fancy reviews


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3 months ago

I ordered two earrings from Funky and Fancy. I only got a order confirmation and nothing more. After one week I mailed the company about an update but didn’t get any response. I mailed again after 11 days but also no response. Then I tried to reach them trough instagram but no response. After 15 days she mailed back that something went wrong with DHL and the parcel got damaged in the shipping proces. She said that she would send me a new parcel soon, but one of the earrings is out of stock now… really?! So I emailed back tot chance the earring. Now I’m waiting 3 days again for a response back or an update about the shipping. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!