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Floyd uses furniture waste to design products that last and fit in any space.



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7 days ago

i ordered a sofa from floyd almost 3 months ago and it still hasn't even shipped out yet. now, i'm moving next week and i'll be without a sofa. i was told when purchasing the sofa that it would only take 7-8 weeks to ship out and then they told me it'd be an additional 4 weeks. i just sent them an email asking if they could speed things along. i'll report back after they respond and depending on how they respond, my review might change. but as of right now i'm very unsatisfied and would not recommend. it's odd to see that they're having back to back sales when they haven't even shipped out orders they got months ago.

the sectional

5 months ago

Overall, I'd describe Floyd as a brand that delivers excellent quality furniture featuring widely-appealing, timeless aesthetics. Their products are expensive, but for certain items, I think the expense is warranted, especially when looking at other comparable brands. I've also found their shipping and packaging to be perfect!


Probably one of the few pricier furniture purchases that I believe is worth it. If you're on the fence about buying from Floyd, I'd say go for it!

3 months ago

Ultimately even though I like how easy it is to assemble and I like its sleek / compact look, it’s way too small and definitely not remotely deep enough to be comfy. Only comfy if you’re on the chaise or sitting horizontally along the length of the couch. So it’s essentially a 1-person couch and the price is unjustifiable for that

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4 months ago


2 years ago

I Love myself some modular furniture. Their shelves are good looking and solid, and you can mix and match combos to fit your space. Also the perfect length for records.


More colors!

2 years ago

We have the Floyd table and not only does it look great, but it's super durable. The table has been through multiple moves and many dinners and it shows minor wear. It literally takes minutes to assemble, regardless of who you are.


As with most furniture, the table came heavily packaged. Would love to see Floyd take the lead on reducing packaging and or finding more sustainable ways of packaging their products!

the table

a year ago

I bought their bed frame and the bed side tables. I have had it for 3 years now, it’s still holding up really well (3 movings)! I think you need to be careful with the edges since it’s plywood but once you set it up it’s good to go, pretty sturdy! I want to try their couch but I haven’t had a chance to


I think their customer service is quite good. Lots of random sale, you just gotta watch out to get the best sale!

a year ago

I have a number of Floyd products. They have a pretty specific aesthetic style; you either like it or you don't. It appeals to me, but I get that the sort of minimal, deconstructed design isn't for everyone. Their products are fairly hit or miss: the shelving system is great, and I've expanded mine over time; the bed is a nightmare and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The Shelving System is very well done: the actual shelves are made from sturdy metal, the hardware is quite elegant, and the ability to adjust height is a nice plus. And, of course, the modular nature is a fantastic benefit. I've expanded my set of three low shelves twice now, so I have a long set of five low shelves along a wall. Highly recommend those. Finally, the stools are very nice. We mostly use them as plant stands but I used to use them as nightstands, they're great as a footstool, and they've seen use as an extra seat in a pinch when company comes over.


The bed is not good. The planks are made of cheap veneer that chip away pretty easily, the straps are very difficult to tighten as you have to reach way underneath the bed once it's already assembled, which leads the planks to shift considerably over time. Speaking of assembly, it's not easy at all, and almost impossible if you don't have an extra set of hands to help. The headboard gradually slides back over time and has to be readjusted every month or so. And, though it's not necessarily a problem exclusive to the Floyd Bed, those corners are going to wreck your shins in the middle of the night, guaranteed.

2 years ago

I have the Floyd desk (which I believe has been replaced by the table). I love that the top surface is made from linoleum, which has been super resilient to everyday use and really easy to clean. The desk itself only took a few minutes to assemble since the legs attach to the top via hand screws. I'm really happy with the quality and sturdiness of the desk, and I think it will last me quite a while.

2 years ago

I have both the Floyd couch and the standing desk. Both have stood up well to daily use and I was impressed that I was able to assemble both on my own with no assistance. The couch is a bit narrow in terms of the depth of the seat. Love the Floyd brand and ethos around creating modern, high quality furniture that lasts.