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Flakes makes a range of anti-dandruff products for men.



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5 months ago

I have had issues with my own *flakes* depending on the season (dry scalp in the winter, product build up in other seasons, etc). TBH, Flakes was perfect for me, and I'm a woman. Even though it's not my "scent". My boyfriend also uses the product (I bought it for him), and usually, he strays away from any new "fancy brands" I bring home. He's always been more of a "store brand dandruff shampoo 2-in-1" dude (ouch!). He actually made a point to bring it with him on a recent trip, which is also a new accomplishment (not using hotel "shampoo").

4 months ago

Is it more expensive than what I was using? Yes. Does it work better? Insanely better. Seriously, I really can't get over how crazy effective this stuff is. Like, even after one use. My hair doesn't have that overly dried feeling either. Absolutely worth the money.

4 months ago

I've had mild dandruff over the years and never really used anything to treat it because I didn't think it was too noticeable. Fast forward to now, I've started using Flakes and I won't ever use a different shampoo/conditioner. My hair feels fuller, smells cleaner/fresher and better yet, there are no more flakes. I'd recommend this to anyone even if they don't have dandruff!

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6 months ago

I’ve struggled with dandruff for years and this seems to be the only product that has successfully worked for me. It smells like le labo and my girlfriend loves when I wash with it. Very excited about this brand.


Pretty satisfied, I hope I’m able to get my subscription timing right so I’m always stocked up.