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Fellow Products designs a range of at-home coffee brewing products and accessories.

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Fellow Reviews

Fellow reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Quick heating capability
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • High-quality materials used
  • Functional and user-friendly
  • Longer boil time over time
  • Lack of preset options
  • Occasional product leaks
  • Possible poor in-store experience

Fellow products are highly valued for their quick heating, sleek design, high-quality, and functionality. However, some customers express concerns over the long boil time over years, lack of preset options, and occasional leaks.

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12 days ago

I love my Fellow grinder so much. It's such a fantastic product and works so well. It's so thoughtfully engineered and making my pourover makes me so happy every morning! My dad has the electric kettle and loves it, I think that will be my next purchase.

eletric kettleode grinder

a month ago

I have way too many Fellow products at this point, but I absolutely love them! Every time I walk into the kitchen and see my matte black kettle or take a sip from the thin lip of the Carter Mug, I'm happy. Negatives, but not dealbreakers: The kettle pours super slowly because it's meant for pour-over. I don't have the patience for it so I take the lid off and dump the water from the lid (I'm sure the Fellow product designers would hate to hear that). I could just get the tea kettle, but I like the swan's neck spout of the Stagg. Also, I found that their vacuum canisters don't keep their suction, causing them to be loose and not air-tight. OXO's are better.

eletric kettlecarter mugcanister

5 months ago

I registered for the black electric kettle for my wedding registry and received it from a dear friend. My husband and I use it for mostly tea, even though we thought we'd use it primarily for pour-over coffee. The product itself is sleek and minimal, it's just three pieces—the small square platform heating element that has the power cord, the body of the kettle itself, and the kettle lid. It sits on our kitchen counter and we're able to wrap/conceal the cord and are happy with the way it looks. For pour-over coffee, the kettle is perfectly fine, but for tea we find ourselves trying to pour faster from the spout that will only dispense a small amount of water at a pretty moderate speed. We realized if we wanted a faster hot water dispenser this product was probably not it, but it's Ok to adjust to just wait a little longer for the water to come up to fill a mug. After over two years the black coating has no chips and the kettle has survived through two moves. I would recommend this product and can vouch for the quality, but if you're seeking just hot water, maybe get a traditional teapot or hot water kettle with a larger spout.

eletric kettle

3 months ago

I bought two of the kettles for gifts. It’s a great product. High quality and looks nice in a kitchen. I like the functionality where it keeps the water at the set temperature.

eletric kettle

4 months ago

my fellow kettle and i hang out EVERY MORNING and its perfect for matcha or coffee! the temperature dial makes it super easy to control the heat for any drink and let's just be clear: it looks hella good.

5 months ago

Kettle is so nice and stylish. I love the knob to adjust the temperature and how it can hold the temperature for a bit if you are wanting multiple cups of coffee or tea.

4 months ago

I have a few fellow products and I love them all. I have the gooseneck cuddle and it heats up in a minute, which is great to be able to have hot water so quickly and I have two of their travel mugs

eletric kettlecarter mug

3 months ago

I love the look of the electric kettle - modern and quick! However, users need to be really, extra careful about getting water on the product and caution users to only ever place the kettle on the base, and otherwise, keep it off contact with any surfaces to prevent malfunction. It seems obvious, but it can be a step forgotten during busy mornings or busy food preparation. The carter mug is also a great mug - easily giftable, the many lids that are being released are great - they're just not the greatest thing to "carry" and would appreciate a multi-use lid of some sort. I do love the Fellow brand enough that I am planning to continue purchasing from them! I just bought their pourover set and looking forward to replacing my Chemex with it.

eletric kettlecarter mug

4 months ago

I have a couple things from this brand including the ode grinder and kettle and a few bottles, honestly love them all. We’ve had the kettle for years and to this day it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made for the kitchen. Used daily for coffee and tea, i will never underestimate the value of perfect temp hot water! The grinder is easy to use and it can be a little messy with grinds but i don’t mind. Both the tumbler and straw bottle i have are ridiculously insulated, and are used frequently. I keep a straw bottle around the house that i fill with cold water and it stays nice and cold for a long time, and i have a smaller tumbler that i like to take coffee on the go, however i go through phases where i use it at home if i want my coffee to stay hot for hours between meetings!

eletric kettlekettleode grindertumbler