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Fara Homidi offers a collection of creamy lip pencils and compacts.



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2 months ago


Yet another makeup brand by a make up artist. The market is now over saturated and the products are more or less copycats. This compact reminds me of Les Nudes by Westman Atelier. The concept is exactly the same: lipstick in a refillable compact. The difference is in the fact that Fara's has only one colour (and not 4) and a transparent lip balm. It smells of coconut - a lot. You can use the lip balm to hydrate the lips and then the lipstick, whether with your fingers as a stain or with a lip brush (any would do, hers is too expensive at over 60 dollars!!). I do not use the lip pencil as I think it is very 80s style and dated look. The product is good but the price tag is far too high. It is fairly long-lasting as it has a matte texture, and it is a lipstick and not a lipgloss. I have to use quite a. lot of the transparent lip balm to hydrate my lips. Sometimes I use it also on top of the lipstick if my lips get dry. You can purchase the refill as it is much cheaper and it comes in a plastic pouch that allows you to use it without the fancy case.