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Duke Cannon makes premium, quality grooming goods for hardworking men

Duke Cannon Reviews

Duke Cannon reviews


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8 months ago

Duke Cannon does a lot of things well: 1. They have fun. 2. They make new products releases into events. 3. They make limited edition product runs that become sought after collector items. 4. They are good communicators who own mistakes. They relaunched a good deodorant line that was an absolute bust. Instead of backpedalling, they admitted how and why it failed and were transparent in their plans to move forward. 5. Their products are widely available. 6. They do good work for military veterans. I have enjoyed a LOT of their products. Items widely available I recommend are the old glory bodywash, the buffalo trace soap and bodywash, the quick buff facial scrub, and the original anchorman shampoo. Their lip balm is good too, and it is offensively large as the name suggests. My only complaint is that Duke Cannon’s social teams do not do enough to dissuade the cruder element of their fanbase who doesn't appear to be in on the joke, which is something I have stated to them in product surveys over the years.