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Droplette offers a needle-free, handheld device that delivers active molecules through the skin.

Droplette Reviews

Droplette reviews


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2 reviews

10 months ago

HUGE FAN of my droplette. I absolutely think I've seen a difference in my skin, and I love the ritual of doing it morning and night. The next product I'd love to get is the lip volumizing pods.

2 years ago

Changed my skin. Absolutely love this product and company. Science based women owned. I’ve tried very cartridge and each does something different for my skin. Lovely customer support, you can tell they care about their clientele. When my device stopped working I was able to send it in for a replacement, and when I had just delivered.my baby and my subscription was due and shipped the same week before I could realize my account had been charged, I contacted support and they graciously canceled my order because they understood my ordeal and lack of sleep.


The skins discolor so easily, I am on my second device and after the first week the skin was discolored. Also I purchased before the new colors were available, would like the option to change the skin.