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Droplet makes stress-balancing adaptogen and superfood-infused sparkling beverages.

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3 months ago


Packaging is nice but if I am going to be completely honest, it tastes like Lysol. I can’t take the taste.


The taste is awful. Its cute for photo purposes but taste wise, pls no!

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a year ago


I'm going to be very honest, I purchased this solely for an Instagram photo. It's a beautifully designed can! This drink is very good but I wouldn't say it's extremely stress-balancing. Maybe in continued use but I'm not sure that one can is your cure-all. I did, however, enjoy this drink mixed with my CBD oil!

High qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋Luxury
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2 years ago


Not gonna lie — the first thing that made me want to try a Droplet drink was the packaging. The issue when going for the "pretty drink" is that it can be a total hit or miss, and I've been disappointed so many times. But in the case of Droplet, it was definitely a HIT. I loved loved loved the "pretty bright" drink. It was fresh and refreshing, I just wished it had a bit less sugar!

Cool look & feel
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