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Dreamfarm reviews


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2 months ago

It's great when design and innovation come together in a small package, which is exactly what you get with this flexible nylon spatula that combines both lifting and chopping capabilities. It's ergonomically designed so you can slide the edge down the side of a pan and scoop up a slice of brownie (or slide it under an egg or omelet), while the edge is sturdy and offset, making it easy to use as a knife to slice pieces out of whatever you're baking. There's also an intentional kink in the handle just below the blade that makes it easy to set the spatula over the edge of a pan/cookie sheet or place it aside so that the the head sits well above the counter. It comes in a bunch of colors, though I am admittedly partial to the midcentury-inspired green one I own. A good-looking and great addition to any kitchen!