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Dopple's stylists curate subscription boxes of designer & indie clothing brands for kids.

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Dopple reviews


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17 reviews

6 months ago

I wish I could give this company ZERO stars. Absolutely horrendous!! I signed up for this for both of my kids when I was 8 months pregnant with my now TEN MONTH old. They charged me ten dollars for each child and NEVER sent a single thing. After a few months I was charged another $20 and decided I would reach out and see how they could possibly take $40 service fee for a service they never provided. THEY NEVER RESPONDED!! I have sent more emails than I could count and have never heard back from anyone there. The worst part? To cancel your subscription you are to “email” them. Whatever you do STAY AWAY from this company. I am shocked that they are still in business, they should all be in jail.

2 years ago

I thought the quiz was comprehensive and the quality and brands were great! It arrived promptly.


With kids clothing sizes, it's always still kind of a guess - my kid is very small for her age so we needed a different sizing run. But no big deal, we just returned.

7 months ago

This is a complete scam. I signed up in April and was charged $10 each for both my children. I never received any packages. I have tried emailing customer service many times with no response. I was just charged again for both children! There is no way to remove your credit card and contact anyone for help. Stay far away from this Company!

8 months ago

They used to be good. Not sure what happened the last few months but suddenly customer service is non-existent and I had to call my credit card company to reverse charges for service never rendered. Maybe they are going under? Otherwise they used to be great, fast service and quick email responses with great variety.

9 months ago

0/5 Dopple fulfilled my first subscription. Some clothes fit, others did not and the subscription worked exactly as expected. Dopple charged for both children I had signed up for a second "drop," emailed the order was going to be delayed and has not responded to a single email since (and that was 3/29). They have not refunded my charges and continue to email advertisements. I am also unable to remove my card number from my account. Strongly do not recommend.

10 months ago

Paid for a drop 6 weeks ago and never received. They won’t respond to emails and are deleting comments on all social media platforms. They’ve even blocked my account on Instagram for writing about my experience. Other small brands have also posted that they have not been paid for 6 months, and those comments have been deleted as well. Not sure if this company is going under, but either way - keep your distance. I so sad because I’ve loved the service for several years.


Communication is nonexistent. Blocked me on Instagram for writing about my experience. They’ve ignored all of my emails and messages and delete all comments on social media.

a year ago

Prices are outrageous for some mid to low quality clothing. Canceled 2 years ago and I was hounded by emails from different people with dopple handles. I'd block one and a different email would contact me. I had to cancel my card because despite cancelling my subscription they were still trying to charge me. So why am I reviewing now? Because once in a while I still get a notice from them saying they couldn't process my credit card. Meaning if someone had canceled their subscription but had an active card, this company will try to charge them YEARS later.


Better prices and not trying to constantly charge me when I haven't ordered.

a year ago

Poor communication and inability to cancel subscriptions online. I requested by email to cancel my subscription due to a move prior to the ship date and had no response a week later, as a backup prior to the ship date i changed the delivery address and they still sent it to the wrong address.

2 years ago

I wanted so badly to subscribe but $42 for a shirt for a 6 month old?? I think I'll stick with Target! Your clothes look amazing and yes I know you can return what you don't want. Just a little pricey for my family.



2 years ago

Friends with Dopple

You're guaranteed to find hits in each drop! Especially love the pieces we've gotten from Gray Label, Stella McCartney, and Indikidual in our Dopple drops - awesome quality for discounted prices. Love the packaging and individual note from the Stylist that prepared it, too.


Nothing comes to mind.