Doop makes eco-friendly toothbrushes with replaceable heads and soft bristles, using recycled materials.

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February 2021
Lisbon, Portugal
Bernardo Lourenço
Gonçalo Perdigão
Inês Oliveira
Diogo Almeida
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About Doop
Doop is the first-ever recycled and recyclable toothbrush with removable heads. With our patent-protected creation, clients only buy the cable once and then just replace the head every 3 months. Doop is the result of several years of eco-design research and experimentation. Our DNA We believe that plastic pollution is a problem mainly created by irresponsible design practices. Something that lasts hundreds of years in the environment shouldn’t be used only for a few days, months. Then why change the whole toothbrush when only the bristles get worn? To answer this question, we assembled a team of engineers and designers and created doop. The endless loop.
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