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Daily Harvest makes food from organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door and ready to enjoy within minutes.

Daily Harvest Reviews

Daily Harvest reviews


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4 months ago

I like some of their smoothies, but all are loaded with sugar and many are very very high in calories. Yes, yummy - and I guess more healthy than sorbet or ice cream.

4 months ago

The ease of whipping these up is nice but I believe the price tag is a little steep for what you are actually getting. I think you’re better off making your own mixes.


4 months ago

Lots of packaging and didn't taste amazing. Also website/purchase process was a little confusing...

5 months ago

I have been on Daily Harvest for about a year now and still love the product. This is regarding their smoothies only. I am lazy at heart and want a ton of variety for my morning smoothies, and Daily Harvest makes it incredibly easy to get my fruits & veggies in every day. They have a good variety of flavors, and the subscription is very easy to manage. I skip weeks whenever I still have smoothies on hand or am traveling. Daily Harvest also sends you a reminder in advance so you can update your box or skip before the ship date. It's pricey per cup, but worth it if you're not great at managing groceries, and want variety.

5 months ago

I had a subscription on/off for ~1 year and really liked it but ultimately got bored. There are plenty of good, flavorful, and healthy smoothie/food/dessert options, but if you consistently use their service for daily meals, there’s only so much variety! You also can’t totally replace grocery shopping with their service, so then I ended up just spending even more on food overall…..

2 months ago

I tried two of the Daily Harvest products: the Strawberry + Peach Smoothie, and the Artichoke + Spinach Flatbread. The smoothie—which involved adding "your preferred liquid" (I used fat-free milk) to the ingredients of the cup and blending—tasted just fine, but seemed like a fair amount of work for the $9 I paid for the product. It didn't add any significant convenience or ease, esp. if you are already used to making smoothies each morning. The flatbread, which was nearly $10 at the grocery store, was also tasty, though needed a bit of cheese added to give it a flavor boost. I might buy the flatbread again, but the smoothie just isn't worth the cost or the effort.


5 months ago

I understand the ethos of the company and appreciate their seasonal flavours and ingredient combinations but it ended up being more trouble than its worth. It's cheaper and only minimally less convenient to just cook for scratch in bulk and freeze.

4 months ago

I got Daily Harvest after I had my first baby. I wanted to try to lose some weight, get healthier and eat better food. It was good but I found myself getting bored with the options. I mostly went for the smoothies and they were easy to make. Easier than getting all the ingredients yourself.