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Crest sells an effective and cost-efficient way to get whiter teeth

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a day ago

I like Crest. It's the only brand that I'll use. I think it does the best job at keeping my teeth white. I always buy 3d white. It removes up to 90% of surface stains and deep cleans. It starts working after the first brush.

3d white toothpaste

4 months ago

Crest Whitestrips are the best I've tried out there! I do usually have to cut down on the time that they advertise as my teeth get too sensitive if I leave them on for the full amount of time.

4 months ago

Crest white strips do the job well but can make teeth sensitive over time.

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3 months ago

Okay, the first and only whitestrips I ever used. It helps my teeth brighter a lot.

4 months ago

I use their strips to whiten my teeth and they are doing the job pretty good. The only thing is my teeth do get a bit sensitive after using the strips.

3 months ago

In a world where beauty products often seem like instant magic, my experience with Crest White Strips serves as a reminder that results may vary and the path to beauty isn’t always a smooth one. While the strips did deliver on their promise of whitening, the lingering sensitivity cast a shadow on the overall experience. 🫤

3 months ago

Influencer for Crest

It's ok.. But Just OK. It did make teeth a little whiter but after 2 weeks nothing exciting happened.. was think a little more whiter please ..but ok