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Craftmix makes all natural pocket-sized cocktail mixes.


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18 days ago

This is perfect for on the go and tastes amazing! I love the flavors and I would purchase again.

mango margarita

a month ago

I was ready to not be impressed. Craftmix had other ideas. I expected these packets to not really be any different than Kool-aid. I was wrong. The flavors that they pack into those little packets are just incredible. For example, I tried the Strawberry Mule and mixed it with a rum (I didn’t have any vodka) and some strawberry seltzer. Not a drop of ginger beer was added to it, but they put the flavor of the ginger beer into that packet, and it indeed tasted like a fresh strawberry mule with a freshly opened bottle of a good ginger beer. It was out of this world. Every flavor I tried was outstanding. The Passionfruit Paloma is a knockout. The Blood Orange Mai Tai is among the best Mai Tais I’ve ever had. The Mango Margarita is outstanding. If you’re on the fence, grab the variety pack. You won’t be disappointed.

19 days ago

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The packaging is neat and pull your attention to the viewer. It also tastes really good as a cocktail or mock tail.

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a month ago

Love this brand! Their social media posts are what drew me to the product, but since then I haven't stopped buying it!

a month ago

I've tried so many different mixers and this one by far is the best!! It makes cocktails so easy to make and they taste so good without all the sugars!

a month ago

Such an innovative product. I start my night out with these and begin the next morning with liquid IV, ha ha

a month ago

Currently obsessing over Craftmix! I was given a free sample and got HOOKED! Now I can't stop using these.

a month ago

100/10 idea and product! Really lives up to the hype!

a month ago

My friends are tired of me talking about this product!! I can't get enough of the espresso martini flavor.

a month ago

these highly exceeded my expectations. SO GOOD