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Corkcicle makes a collection of drink and bar essentials from cork and stainless steel.

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6 days ago

I've been really impressed with my 24 oz. cup. I put my hot lemon water in it almsot every morning, and it stays hot for 30-45 minutes if I keep the lid on, which is perfect for the time it takes me to make my tea, get ready, and then get to my office. I also love their festive holiday colors and patterns!

3 months ago

Pricey but they are the best stainless steel bottles on the market. They currently have a collaboration with Disney. I wish they had a Cinderella option but, in lieu of that, their white/blue/gold Disney princess tumbler is gorgeous. I'm also seriously loving their Disney 100 Mickey Mouse sling but I'm waiting for it to go on sale because $70 is a little too much for a water bottle holder.

3 months ago

Influencer for Corkcicle

I am obsessed with my cold cup. It sounds crazy to love a cup so much but I use it every day. I need so many more of these cups.

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a year ago

Works equally as well as a S'well bottle, Yeti, or a Hydroflask, but I love that these have a specific look and vibe that sets them apart for bartending supplies. Definitely recommend their bar-focused products for that specific niche.

6 months ago

A little pricey, but great bottles. I always take mine to travel because it keeps drinks cold FOREVER>. I recently brought it to Cuba and was using it for beer. I closed it and put it in my bag half full and took a nap on the beach... in the heat... two hours later, still cold!

6 months ago

Cuter than a “utility” bottle like hydroflask and pretty good insulation. My one issue is the slide lid is miserable to drink from. The yeti magnetic slide lid is great, but their classic lid is awful. It constantly gets air bubbles so the water pours out in a V shape, causing you to spill all over yourself. Maybe it’s user error, but my whole family has this issue. Cute, insulated, and fit in car cup holders which is a plus!

7 months ago

Mixed reviews based on mixed experiences! This is one of the more expensive brand for tumblers and water bottles. While I love the design/ look/ feel, two of my corcicles had the design scratch off really easily. After 1 month, the design was peeling off. Do not use a dishwasher, for reference. I have the commuter mug, which is a much better product. Easy to use and the lid locks well which makes it great for driving and ever flying. I often grab airport coffee and put it in this mug so I can have a warm cup throughout the flight.


I wish the designs were more durable. The 24 oz tumbler in a marble pattern came off easily. I also have a white water bottle with similar issues.

9 months ago

I have corkcicle in a few products; a bottle, 2 commuter cups and 2 stemless wine cups. I like and use them all. I love the stemless wine cup on warm summer days to keep white wine cold. Our commuter cups are great and ease to carry. the design, esthetic, and collaboration make these great gifts. These are my number one pick for Holiday gift exchange.