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Colorful Standard makes a collection of organic clothing essentials.

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a year ago

Firstly I love Colorful Standard's mission. High quality, sustainably produced clothes in a dizzying array of colors. Living in Scandinavia where black and neutral shades dominate, I miss color and I was in search of a t-shirt in my favorite shade of blue. I ordered a t-shirt and pair of dark green shorts hoping that I'd love the blue. Delivery was fast, and there was even a 10% discount as a new customer. Both the shorts and t-shirt appear to be well made and high quality. The shorts fit perfectly, and the t-shirt is a good fit and made from a really soft cotton. I love the blue by the way! 💙


It's hard to get an accurate take on all of the different shades of color on their website, so it was partly down to chance. Returns in Denmark are arranged by returning directly to the Copenhagen store. It would be even better if products shipped with a free return label.