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Clevr Blends makes a collection of just-add-water latte mixes.

Clevr Blends Reviews

Clevr Blends reviews


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4 reviews

3 months ago

The Sleep blend is my all time favorite. After dinner is perfect. It's sweet enough to satisfy that need. The relaxation is real. The functional mushrooms are the key. I really can't say enough good things about this drink.

a year ago

These are so tasty and incredibly easy to whip up. I especially love the Rose Cocoa Superlatte. A great alternative to coffee later in the day (bc who am I kidding, I'm still drinking coffee in the morning).

a year ago

I've tried the Golden Milk, Matcha, and Night Time Blend and have really enjoyed them all. I appreciate that there is already a non-dairy milk powder in the mix, so you can just mix it with water although I still do a water/milk blend. Also love that they keep the sugar low. Just a great product all-around.

a year ago

I bought the Sleeptime SuperLatte and the Rose Cocoa SuperLatte when they were having a sale on the entire kit. It came with a special scoop and a milk frother. While I originally thought the frother felt a little over the top, I realized it actually blended the latte much better into the hot water than simply stirring. In fact, I started using it for my regular coffee as well. I will say that I didn't find the Sleeptime SuperLatte as sweet as I would like, so I added a small dash of stevia. Adding in a little vanilla powder helped as well. But overall, I really enjoyed sitting down with my lattes in either the afternoon or evening and taking a moment to enjoy them. The taste was unique and I felt like the drinks delivered on their promised benefits.