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Cheeky Bonsai creates science-backed UTI products to help with prevention, detection, and pain relief.

Cheeky Bonsai Reviews

Cheeky Bonsai reviews


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5 reviews

All5Cheeky Bonsai D-Mannose + Cranberry UTI Defense Drink Mix1

6 months ago

Cheeky Bonsai's D-Mannose + Cranberry UTI Defense drink mix has become my go-to solution for UTIs. This unique blend, including my favorite D-Mannose powder, not only effectively tackles discomfort but also comes at a more affordable price compared to other store brands. I appreciate Cheeky Bonsai for consistently delivering quick relief – within a day or two, my UTI symptoms noticeably diminish. It's a reliable choice that has made managing UTIs much more convenient for me. 🩷

Cheeky Bonsai D-Mannose + Cranberry UTI Defense Drink Mix

a year ago

I love Cheeky Bonsai! Their packaging is super cute and everything worked really well for me. My favorite products are the cramp relief patches and the probiotic gummies! I've noticed a big improvement in my gut health once I started taking them on the daily. Plus, they taste like strawberry gushers!! I literally tell all my friends about Cheeky Bonsai because I'm OBSESSED.

a year ago

This brand is my absolute favorite. I always keep the UTI products around because they work really well. Additionally, they have some other really cool products caffeine patches and period cramp patches. They really make healthcare feel like self-care which I love. I can confidently say that Cheeky Bonsai has become an integral part of my self-care routine.

a year ago

From menstrual health to all things UTI, Cheeky Bonsai offers a comprehensive range of solutions that have transformed my life. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and sustainable practices is commendable. Moreover, their customer service is exceptional, providing personalized support and guidance. I highly recommend Cheeky Bonsai to all women looking to prioritize their health and well-being.

a year ago

Cheeky Bonsai has completely revolutionized my approach to women's health. Their products are innovative, effective, and tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of women. Their products also work exceptionally well. I recently was experiencing discomfort and their test strips told me I had a UTI. Once I knew that I used their UTI pain reliever and the drink mix, it was gone the next day!!