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Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 makes hand sanitizer from an all-natural, antimicrobial solution that removes bacteria and viruses while hydrating the skin.

Chapter 20 Reviews

Chapter 20 reviews


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2 reviews

3 years ago

Friends with Chapter 20

This bottle is pure magic! And the first solution to a lot of problems that I didn't even know I had. I use it to sanitize my hands, spray down gym equipment, to heal small cuts, and even spray down my face to reduce redness and clear my skin through ought the day.


Would love a thinner and less bulky bottle to fit in smaller areas/pockets.

2 years ago

Every single day I discover a new way to spray this truly product. I think it’s amazing how this antimicrobial solution repairs just as well as it cleanses. It’s become a staple in just about every routine in my daily life from post-workout, to makeup setting, to a simple refresh when out and about; even to create a dewy makeup look and clean my makeup brushes! One spritz is all it takes to tap into the limitless potential this small bottle holds.


Wouldn’t change a thing!!