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Cerebral offers online medication prescription, care counseling and treatment for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

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2 years ago

EDIT: While writing the review, I found multiple articles stating that Cerebral, as well as some other sites, have stopped prescribing ADHD medication due to DEA investigations. This further bolsters my review below. Cerebral, and others like it, are cashing in on the new wave of mental health awareness to make money off of people seeking help but are too anxious/afraid to get real counseling or therapy. They give you one fake interview/consultation, and then prescribe you life-altering medication. They will also refuse to help you if you say you are depressed or have any suicidal thoughts, coaxing people into lying so that they are not responsible (if you 'fail' the initial survey, you can just refresh the page and take it again). Please, do not use cerebral or anything like it. If you are feeling depressed or helpless, look up the hotlines in your area/country. Look into online counseling like BetterHelp or TalkSpace, and if you are a student or can afford some real counseling, do that instead. I understand getting a medicine like this can seem like a great solution, but as someone who has ADHD, it takes more than just medication to feel better (using medication without the associated therapy often makes things worse). These companies are just cashing in on your negative emotions, on top of wildly overcharging for medicines that are often cheap with insurance (I pay about 4 dollars a month for what would cost 30 with insurance or 85 without at cerebral). On top of all of that, they have insanely deceptive and predatory advertisements that run on TikTok and which very clearly target children and young teens. They advertise Schedule V controlled drugs like someone would advertise a soft drink, and tries to convince you that what they sell will be the solution to all of your problems. tl;dr if you KNOW you need a medication that cerebral offers and they are both the easiest AND cheapest option, using them is okay. But for a lot of the population, where that isn't the case, avoid online prescription companies like the plague.