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Canopy Collections selects and sells outstanding artworks from international living artists, and provides free shipping worldwide.


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2 years ago

I can only recommend Canopy! It was the best discovery I made lately - not only they made me discover new artists but also they manage to incorporate art in my home. Through Canopy I found an art team with real values and spirit. The Canopy team gave me precious advice, Louise and Cecile always ensure that they are offering you a real experience. It’s not only about buying art, Canopy also helps you discover your own taste and help you to try and buy different things. They have my trust and it’s only the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

2 years ago

We want to buy it all! Lovely selection

2 years ago

Cécile and Louise, the co-founders are extremely professional. They came to my place to figure out what my tastes are and how some of their artists could fit in my collection. They are open minded and focused. No hard sell.

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2 years ago

I bought great pieces through Canopy when I moved in my new flat. The Canopy Team was very helpful and gave me precious advise to start my art collection.

2 years ago

I love arts but I found difficult to find paintings to an affordable price. Then I discovered Canopy. This website is fantastic: I bought 2 beautiful paintings from a young artist. Canopy helps artist to be seen, and art lover to discover new artists. Also, the team is passionate and it was a pleasure to talk to them. Thank you Canopy, my living room is stunning!

2 years ago

I’ve been following Canopy Collections from the beginning as I’ve been looking to purchase art for quite a while. I love the concept and the way they display art in private homes. I purchased my first artwork through them a few months ago and I still love it. I received great advice from their tram and am confident I’ve bought a painting by a serious artist. Would definitely recommend Canopy Collections to young ‘want-to-be’ collectors.


The website is very easy to use and the customer service very efficient. I didn’t feel pushed to buy anything, and did it in my own time. I was so glad they use Klarna so I could pay in 3 instalments! The artwork description and pictures were very accurate. An amazing and fresh way to buy proper art!

2 years ago

Canopy Collections is such an exciting new way of buying art. The collections are always carefully curated and shown in beautiful private homes. I cannot wait to see the new collection and hope to find a new piece of art for our home! There are up and coming young artists and more established ones so the price range makes it accessible to all.

2 years ago

My husband and I have been passionate about art for a very long time. When we heard about Canopy last year we were pleased not only to discover new talents but moreover to see that art could be made more affordable and accessible to everyone. The 2 founders developed a new way for people to discover new amazing talents and to acquire artwork. I am pleased to see new emerging artists that I discovered through Canopy with the more important works that we used to have in our apartment. They complement each other perfectly Canopy is disrupting the way people and artists can meet and this is amazing in a world that had never really changed with Art Galleries using to run the show. Now clients and artists have Canopy!

2 years ago

I wanted to buy an affordable piece of Art after lockdown to put some colors in my living room. I ran into Canopy’s insta and spotted a beautiful photography. The company was very professional, the product was dispatched in record time in a beautiful frame. I would definitely buy again from them!