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Camp makes organic, non-gmo veggie pasta, featuring vegan and gluten free macaroni and cheese.


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2 months ago

I got instagram influenced to buy these. The boxes look super cute on my shelf but the taste/texture didn't blow me away. It was passable for being gluten-free and vegan but since neither of those are requirements for me I would reach for a more traditional brand over this one.

4 months ago

I don't like the powdery taste and the odd flavors, but was really excited about this brand and the healthy options that it provides. I might give it another try.

2 years ago

The noodles are a little grainy, but to be expected with new vegan brands. Otherwise, they are super tasty! Perfect for an easy quick dinner and blends will with add-ins (flavored oils, vegetables, more cheese).

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8 months ago

i've tried a couple of their flavors and the flavors are quite yummy! the noodles are a bit grainy, but it doesn't bother me too much. shipping was also super fast, i got my box within 2-3 days!


mac is a little sweet

2 years ago

Really easy to make - like your classic boxed macaroni and cheese. I tried the cheddar and the Parmesan flavors. The Parmesan was so much better in my opinion. I added some truffle oil (Truf!) and black pepper and was so good.


The noodles are definitely plant-based noodles… so the texture is a little off, slightly grainy.

a year ago

I’m so surprised by some of these bad reviews! I tried the original mac and cheese tonight, and I loved it. I loved how big the noodles were, and they tasted better to me than banza. I also think the mixture of different ingredients made it easier to digest. Sometimes I have trouble eating a lot of chickpea-based noodles. I used only butter and cheese (no milk), and the cheese was a little grainy, but I don’t mind that. I would give five stars if it had been thicker and creamier but maybe milk would help with that. Pro: - cute branding - gluten free - yummy - fast shipping Con: - it’s expensive $$$ 19.99 for 3 - lots of ingredients (aka not a healthy substitute but good if you are GF)

8 months ago

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The original vegan mac flavor from Camp tastes nearly identical to the White Cheddar flavor of Hippeas. Initially, this was a boon, as I adore that snack and could demolish a bag with no problem, but once you’re experiencing that flavor in a mac and cheese bite as opposed to in a crunchy snack curl, the artificial flavor suddenly tastes distinctly chemically and brings on the “ick” after a few bites.

a year ago

I ordered the vegan mac and it tasted good. It's a little sweeter than I would like but I still enjoyed it.

9 months ago

Delicious mac and cheese that has extra veggies, cute packaging and is an elevated version of a family classic!

8 months ago

I didn't try their regular mac and cheese, but the vegan one really wasn't it. There are some excellent vegan options on the market and I think some additional R&D is needed for that version. The packaging is fun and the brand is solid overall.