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caliray makes skincare and beauty products using clean formulas.

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caliray reviews


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a year ago

I was definitely tempted by the promise of makeup that wouldn't come off if I, say, decided to go for a mid-day surf. The mascara was almost TOO good at that-- not only does it not come off in the ocean, it doesn't really come off with makeup remover either! I'd have flakes under my eyes days after wearing because I could never fully get it off. If you're looking for a mascara that stays put... this is it! But be careful what you wish for! I liked the eyeliner a lot, it was solid. I've purchased it again but I have also tried other ones since, not necessarily married to it. Definitely looking forward to trying the surf setting spray!


If there were an equally strong makeup remover by Caliray that removed the products that promise to stay put when you're in the ocean... I'd buy that.

a year ago

I was so excited to try their mascara, an employee at Sephora told me that Caliray has one of the best clean mascaras… I was foolish enough believe the and buy the mascara… It is the worst mascara ever, the brush is so useless, it has these small bristles that barely give you the product. It clumps, it flakes, the wear os horrible… I am so dissatisfied.

2 years ago

Best mascara EVER!!! I purchased this as soon as it won the Allure best of beauty award, in a sample kit with 5 different clean beauty mascaras. After trying them all, this is easily the best. I used to religiously use Lash Paradise but was finding that difficult to remove without a lot of scrubbing and irritating my eyes. I was nervous to switch to another one because I loved how that made my lashes looked, but this is just as amazing, and so easy to cleanse since it is a tubing mascara. Also love that it is a clean beauty product!

2 years ago

I have only tried the mascara from Caliray but it is my favorite mascara I have EVER tried. I constantly struggle with mascara bleeding onto my brown bone or onto the corner of my lower lid and thought that was just going to be something I dealt with forever. But this mascara doesn't bleed AT ALL, even after 8+ hours of use. Also, it's not hard to take off either, you just need an oil cleanser and it comes right off.


The mascara can be a little messy getting on and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe the brush design? But I just wait until the mascara has dried down a bit and then brush it off with a dry spoolie. It would be great if the brush could be a little more rounded to push under the lashes a bit more, it would make me love this mascara that much more.