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Burlap & Barrel crafts natural spices and seasonings sourced directly from artisan farms around the world.

Burlap & Barrel Reviews

Burlap & Barrel reviews


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2 years ago

I love Burlap & Barrel. It is one of two spice shops from which I regularly purchase. Their herbs and spices are always very fresh. My absolute favorite among their spices is their Wild Mountain Cumin. It is much smaller and has a more delicate hull (?) than your average cumin, and the flavor is exquisite (similar to regular cumin - but when you weren't looking, it started going to the gym, got therapy, finished its degree, and is now the "perfect" cumin). You wanna' bring this cumin home NOW and maybe introduce it to your Mom. It is an absolute MUST if you regularly cook Indian, Middle Eastern, or Northern African food. They are also one of the few providers of Cinnamon Leaves. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. Sub them in for traditional Bay or Curry Leaves. Brew them in your tea. Grind them up and gently burn them as incense on your electric resin burner. I've done all these things. Their Purple Striped Garlic is also standout, for when you need the sweet & earthy dried variety versus fresh. Also, Green Garlic Scapes, Prasad's Curry Leaf (especially if you can't source fresh), Wild Hing (though you should note that it's pre-mixed with turmeric), Wild Ramps, Cured Sumac, and exceptional Smoked Pimentón. I also appreciated their collab with TreeStar.


I wouldn't change a thing.