Bonafide Health

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Bonafide Health sells hormone-free supplements for menopause or period effects.

Bonafide Health Reviews

Bonafide Health reviews


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4 reviews

2 months ago

This is a subscription service and even if you cancel it, they will keep charging you and sending you their useless product that doesn't even work. All that, plus their customer service is very slow to respond.

8 months ago

Excellent service very friendly. Doctors professional and easy to talk to.

a year ago

Ive tried Bonafide for a few months. The products are expensive but seemed to promise to fix all the feminine issues I was having - so they seemed worth it. After trying them for about 6 months I decided there had no change - which was disappointing and decided to no longer use the products. I forgot that I had auto ship set up (you get a discount doing it that way) and was auto charged at 2:30 am for the shipment. I called the next morning and was told there was nothing they could do as the order had already processed but that once I receive it I can return it for a full refund. This was frustrating because I called within less than 12 hrs of the order processing but there was still nothing they could do. Once I received the order, I followed the return process, I do not have a printer and USPS could not print the return label they provided so I had to call Bonafide back and hope they could send a QR code. Luckily, they could - I also asked the rep on the phone to make sure that all future auto ships were cancelled , she confirmed that they were. Fast forward to do day, I am once again being charged an auto ship at 230 in the morning and catching it within 12 hrs only to be told it’s too late to cancel. I logged into my account to see that only 1/4 products were actually cancelled. I an incredibly frustrated with Bonafide. Not only did they not cancel my auto shipments when I requested this, their products do not work and you have to complete multiple steps to return products. Be careful if you sign up for auto ship.

a year ago

$62 for 10 suppositories is a total rip off. Will be cancelling my subscription. This is just another company charging women high prices for being female.