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bObles designs a range of tumbling furniture for babies to create a safe and play-full environment for children.

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bObles reviews


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2 years ago

At first I was very sceptic, even to the point where I was telling my wife that there is no way we’re buying overpriced colored styrofoam that take up a huge amount of space and is impossible to hide anywhere. I lost that argument, and now we have a collection of 5 bObles that are in use pretty much every day and absolutely loved by our kids that come up with the most creative ideas for play with them. It’s by far their most used “toy” ever and I have to admit I was wrong.


Avoid the "donut" model. Our kids would simply end up hurting themselves every time they tried to balance on them, and telling your kids again and again that it's forbidden is no real option. I also still think they are still too pricy for what it really is.