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Black Wolf makes effective yet simple skincare products made specifically for men.


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5 months ago

For my dudes i have been using Black wolfs products for over 4 years and till this day they are my number one. From the body wash to the acne spray to moisturizer this products are really high quality.


Improve the app a little better seems to be somewhat green.

a year ago

Tried a 3 pack bundle - face wash, body wash, body spray. Face wash feels good, but after 3 weeks of daily use didn't seem to help with any acne or skin health improvements. Body wash smells nice and lathers well, but dried my skin out and again didn't improve the few acne spots I've got. Body spray was used in addition to the body wash and may have helped a little, but the scent really bothers me unfortunately.


More hydrating body wash Scent free body spray

a year ago

I know it’s for dudes but I got a free sample of the eye masks. They are working really well! Would definitely pay full price for these.

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10 months ago

Yeah, in a word. Crap. Using the Acid Acne Treatment, gave my friend the body wash, and there's some face wash that is hot garbage. Sorry, but i find no advantage to cleaning my body with Venom's Jizz. Even though it was free, i would like a full refund on this product.


JUST CAUSE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IN IT, DOSN'T MAKE IT GOOD! You and the Snapple people can go fuck themselves.