Bigelow Tea

3.7 3 Reviews

Bigelow Tea offers a wide selection of premium teas, including organic and decaffeinated varieties.

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Bigelow Tea reviews


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3 reviews

4 months ago

I like the tea from this brand because it's pretty affordable and easy to make with their sachets. I've only tried one flavor from them, but they seem like they're worth trying another flavor from. They're not the best tea on the market in my opinion, but they do make tea more accessible because of their tea's lower price.

2 months ago

Very average teas at an extremely low price point. They have a good variety of tea types and flavors. However, none of their flavors stick out to me in particular. A good option, but there are certainly better teas.

a month ago

Bigelow tea is my ole reliable. I know when I brew a packet that it will be a good cup of tea. It's not great or anything special but they're good. I enjoy their standard flavors (green, black, early grey, etc.), not a fan of their limited edition teas (I find they're too weak). Overall, good tea at a good price.