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13 days ago

I just bought the work tote as my bag for law school and it has been an absolute GODSEND. I was in the market for a new bag and had a handful of requirements: structure, internal pockets, and a zipper, all while looking classy enough to wear in a professional environment. Beis completely delivered and fits everything I need. LOVE IT!!!

a month ago

Love the Beis suitcases. They are able to fit more than my other suitcases, they roll so well, and I love the padded handle. One of the suitcases I received had a defect and they responded quickly and sent me a new one ASAP!

23 days ago

This place has the worst customer service and makes it nearly impossible to return products!

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9 days ago

I have a weekender bag and a tote bag. I'm obsessed with both. I've used them a million times and they're fantastic. I use the tote as a carry on, and I use the weekender bag for road trips. I wouldn't recommend the weekender bag for flights because its a bit heavy/inconvenient to carry for long walks, but I love the shape and how much it holds.

20 days ago

I have the weekender bag! It’s very good quality and I love the shoe compartment at the bottom. One critique I do have is that it does feel extremely heavy if you're carrying it through the airport - so would not recommend as a personal item. I prefer to use it only on small trips if I'm traveling by car.

22 days ago

The best carry on ever!! Ive traveled a bit and this summer I bought my fist Beis product and fell in love with it! No need to check in a bag when Im using my Beis carry on because it fits so much!

21 days ago

I have the BEISICS backpack and the cosmetic organizer pouch. I’m a law student so I’m constantly carrying those heavyyy casebooks so it’s important for me to have a backpack that doesn’t feel so heavy/uncomfortable. The backpack is pretty decent quality but wish it had better padding for the laptop protection. The organizer is really nice too but a bit expensive for what it is. It’s a cute brand and comes out with some cool products and exclusive colors but honestly, unless you have a code or it’s on sale, I don’t think it’s really worth the full price.

5 days ago

I have purchased Beis backpack and makeup case. I love them both! I did knock off 1 start because I think their customer service and shipping timeframes could be improved.

2 months ago

Have multiple bags from beis. They have great Black Friday sales. Restocks take forever. I’ve had to go with other companies because restocks wouldn’t happen for over 6 months (particularly the diaper backpack.) The bags I have been able to get are great. The only downside is the weekender with the bottom packing cube can be really difficult to put on and off.

4 months ago

I have the medium sized roller bag and love it! I travelled all around Australia and Asia with it during my study abroad and it maintained great condition / held up to 2 week's worth of outfits. The bag has many features to help with organization such as a waterproof pocket, two laundry bags, and a zipper for paperwork or flat items.