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BÉIS sells stylish and affordable travel bags, luggage, and travel accessories.

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BÉIS Reviews

BÉIS reviews

Reviews mention

  • Versatile for various trips
  • Intelligent compartment design
  • Water-repellent material
  • Good quality for price
  • Gets dirty and scratched easily
  • Heavy when filled
  • Inconvenient return policy
  • Quality inconsistency among products

BÉIS offers stylish, functional, and durable travel products. Customers love the bags' versatility, intelligently-designed compartments, and good quality for the price. However, there are issues with the products getting dirty or scratched easily, some find them too heavy when filled, and the return policy leaves customers unsatisfied.

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121 reviews

13 days ago

My mini weekender bag is great I have taken it on flights and it fits under the seat. I am able to fit everything I need inside it for a quick trip or I pack some inside the weekender bag and the rest in a suitcase. The bag sits perfectly on top of suitcases and makes it easy to maneuver around the airport because the bag alone can get very heavy if its simply being carried on your shoulder.

5 months ago

I thought I would love this brand. I have been disappointed. I registered for the diaper bag, and I personally purchased they duffel. BOTH have started to pull at the zipper, and the straps - all with minimal use. I think I've used the duffel 5x. The diaper bag is roomy, and I do still love the features. On the other hand, I have gifted the carry on and the weekender, and that person seems to like them.

4 months ago

I received the weekender bag as a gift and absolutely love it. It really is the perfect bag for a weekend trip. I particularly like the bottom area for shoes and dirty clothes. Wish the canvas was easier to clean.

5 months ago

I recently got a carry on luggage set. Some of the features I love (the snap button closures, the ability to clip in the zipper pulls when not in use), but I do find the interior space smaller than the Away bag I had previosuly.

3 months ago

The make up case is great. It fits a number of things and has good organization for all make up. The mirror is a great addition but easily breakable.

3 months ago

Self purchased

The best travel luggage and bag a girl could ask for. Fits everything and comfortable.

6 months ago

I bought the carry on suitcase and used it for a 3 week international trip. On that trip I went through 6 different airports and it had been through rough roads and the beach and it held up pretty well! Some light scuff marks but nothing too obvious. I loved that expansion zipper as well when my bag started to get full.

5 months ago

When I first saw the The East To West Tote, I knew this would be the one thing I was missing from a great travel experience. My trusty beige tote bag has accompanied me on numerous journeys, both brief and extended. I use it as a personal item and bring it on my flight on longer trips. Its versatility extends to shorter trips as well, effortlessly accommodating all my essentials for weekend getaways spanning 2-3 days. Even though I got the color Beige, because it's water-repellent recycled water bottle material, I've noticed that any stains are swiftly dealt with, disappearing with a simple wipe.

5 months ago

I specifically LOVE my Beis carry on. I travel quite frequently, and this is a staple bag for me. It is a little on the larger size for carry ons, so I'm not sure it would work as well if you're flying outside of the US with airlines that have smaller limits for carry on bags. The handle is comfy for dragging it through the airport and the little bags that came with it (for dirty clothes, etc.) were a fun bonus. I also have the weekender with the detachable bottom, and I have mixed feelings about it. The quality is good, but it isn't a great fit for flights for me. Definitely better for road trips or weekend trips (as the name implies), but even then I have other bags I gravitate towards more.

6 months ago

I am very impressed by the quality of Beis products. I have their Weekender bag, and I use it all of the time. It has truly the durability, the space, the ease of use. I love how secure everything is, the attention to detail in the different compartments that are available as well. There is truly something there for every type of traveler. I also love the colours that it comes in, it truly speaks to everyone’s unique needs. I'm currently building my essential Travel luggage collection, and I'm making it all from Beis.

2 months ago

This bag lives up to its name – it's surprisingly roomy! I can easily pack enough clothes for a few days, toiletries, and even a pair of shoes in the dedicated shoe compartment at the bottom. The interior also features a zippered pocket for valuables and several mesh pockets for smaller items, keeping everything organized and easy to find. I have carried it as a carry-on baggage on flight and it perfectly meets the dimensions. The minimalist design with clean lines and quality materials makes it feel polished and put-together. It's a great value for the price, and the quality construction ensures it will last for years to come.

4 months ago

The mini weekender bag is perfect as a carryon or personal item. It easily fits under airplane seats but has a good amount of space for the essentials. I especially love the bottom compartment for a pair of shoes.

4 months ago

AVOID THESE BAGS VERY LOW QUALITY! Got (4) bags (2) carry on and (2) check in as a wedding gift in October - my wife and I went on our honeymoon in February to Hawaii and before even getting to check our bags in the wheels on (2) check in bags seemed locked up / were grinding. We went on our honeymoon and upon returning sent pictures and videos to warranty to be told they aren’t going to do anything. Two bags were defective on the FIRST trip taken. Also there were (6) dents and chips on the exterior of the bags. For 1k spent on bags it’s insane how low quality the bags are. My sister had the same bags bought for her at the time of my wedding and her zippers broke on her bags on the first trip.

9 months ago

I just bought the work tote as my bag for law school and it has been an absolute GODSEND. I was in the market for a new bag and had a handful of requirements: structure, internal pockets, and a zipper, all while looking classy enough to wear in a professional environment. Beis completely delivered and fits everything I need. LOVE IT!!!

10 months ago

Have multiple bags from beis. They have great Black Friday sales. Restocks take forever. I’ve had to go with other companies because restocks wouldn’t happen for over 6 months (particularly the diaper backpack.) The bags I have been able to get are great. The only downside is the weekender with the bottom packing cube can be really difficult to put on and off.

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a year ago

I have the medium sized roller bag and love it! I travelled all around Australia and Asia with it during my study abroad and it maintained great condition / held up to 2 week's worth of outfits. The bag has many features to help with organization such as a waterproof pocket, two laundry bags, and a zipper for paperwork or flat items.

a year ago

I have both the carry on weekend bag and the carry on suitcase and they're both fantastic. I was skeptical that anything could be that different or that much better than my Away luggage (had comparable items in each category from Away for years) but I decided to take the plunge and now I'll never go back to Away, I think! The carry on weekend bag itself is probably the most innovative-- the compartments are super clever, especially the shoe compartment. I'd be curious to see if someone has tested both this and Dagne Dover and has feedback about how they compare. It's all really functional, and I feel really put together having matching luggage and carry ons for the first time-- a silly little thing but it does make a difference. All in all, really great products and purchase and really thoughtfully designed travel gear.


Customer service was not great-- I ordered overnight delivery to try to get in time for a trip. They arrived super late, no one ever answered my emails, not even to confirm receipt. Made me feel less great about the purchase and the brand!

2 years ago

Bought my wife the makeup bag at first then she went back to buy a roller bag and the duffle to pair with it. Needless to say she absolute loves it. Very stylish and good quality.


Keeping stock on the website. Had to wait a while for restock.

7 months ago

LOVE my mini weekender. I’m so glad I bought it. Fits perfectly on my carry on luggage and will count as my personal item for extra packing space. The bottom rigid compartment is soo convenient, you can put your shoes which usually take up so much space in your luggage. It’s great quality and I love that the bag stays open so easy access to your stuff. Highly recommend!