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Beautycounter offers clean, high-performing skincare and makeup.

Beautycounter Reviews

Beautycounter reviews


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24 reviews

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4 months ago

I purchased some Beautycounter products after a friend of mine had a Beautycounter spa night party. The consultant we had was very sweet so I didn't mind as much as I normally would to pay the prices for the items I chose, but honestly, they were rather overpriced. I will say that I absolutely love the grapefruit shampoo. Grapefruit is my favorite scent and this shampoo had a nice subtle grapefruit smell and it leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Bright grapefruit shampoo

3 months ago

I have tried a ton of their products and I love them! Love the mission, EWG certified and woman-owned. The skincare is amazing! I am obsessed with their acne line of products. The vitamin C serum is my favorite!

All Bright C Serum

4 months ago

I love this brand! I use the face wash, cream and sun block. I feel safe putting them on my skin.

4 months ago

Wow, what an amazing find. I've been using beauty counter skin care for 18 months now and my skin hasn't gotten used to or tired of these products (almost all other brands I've had to switch out after 8 to 10 months). My skin feels hydrated and fresh and healthy. I use the All Bright C serum and countermarch adaptive moisture lotion in the mornings (with the face sunscreen) and the counter time radiance serum and tetra peptide supreme cream and eye cream at night. Amazing combos!

All Bright C SerumCountertime Tripeptide Radiance SerumCountertime Tetrapeptide Supreme CreamCountermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

3 years ago

The products and branding are great, but I hate that it's sold by independent consultants. I know you can buy it online or in the store without one, but it's still just off-putting to me. The products I have used I've generally liked, but feel like there's more attention to the packaging than the actual product

a year ago

I want to start with a disclaimer that I am a former employee, so I know a lot about Beautycounter. This also means I know a lot about the industry. When I say I have tried many products, I mean I have tried MANY personal care products. As I am no longer with this company, I will never cease to use the All Bright C Serum. This is the BEST vitamin C serum on the market. I absolutely love it. It really give the appearance of glowing skin and all my friends and family also live by this product. Long story short, if you’re going to buy, I recommend directly through the website and purchasing the C Serum.

3 years ago

Pyramid scheme corporate structure, meh products that are overpriced.


I love the mission but there are now a ton of better options in this space. Products are very basic, but priced as luxury. Not much of a sensory experience either.

3 years ago

Ive really loved their products and their mission- beauty counter was actually the first place I learned about clean beauty which I really appreciate. They have great educational material and do the hard work- like going to the senate and advocating on behalf of the WHOLE industry. I also think they are doing a good job cleaning up from an MLM to more of a pure DTC with small, high end retail locations. Their store on Prince Street is beautiful and the people who work there are lovely and helpful. Product wise- I have very dry skin with limited/no oiliness or acne. I have loved their oils, moisturizers, night cream, and makeups- especially the lipsticks with moisture in them.


Biggest concern has been price- that's why I stopped a using only their products. But, I think they are reasonable for what they offer!