Bear's Fruit

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Bear's Fruit makes low-sugar kombucha using organic fruits and herbs.

Bear's Fruit Reviews

Bear's Fruit reviews


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3 reviews

3 months ago

Received a free product from Bear's Fruit

I didn't have high expectations with this brand because I'm so used to sparkling waters having barely any flavor in them. The flavor I tried tastes really good, and you can taste the strawberry puree in this very well. I'd be interested in trying other flavors if they all have as much substance to them as the one I tried did.

3 months ago

Somewhere between La Croix sparkling water and a full-flavored soda lies Bear's Fruit Sparkling Water: it has a fruiter profile than a flavored sparkling water, yet it's not overly sweet. The can I had, Blackberry Sage, was 12% juice with no added sugars, which made it the perfect midafternoon pick-me-up. I didn't taste any sage, though sage leaves are among the organic ingredients (not a major concern, though I would have liked at least a hint of that flavor) and of course it had the nowadays obligatory probiotics. I only bought a single can—so I couldn't try doing this—I imagine it would also work well as a mixer for a gin or vodka cocktail. Though a tad on the pricey side ($3.50/can), it's definitely worth trying.

2 years ago

I’ve tried a few probiotic drinks and have been turned off by the taste but I was super surprised by the balanced and delicious flavors inside this beautiful can!


Nothing bad to say!!