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Barbet makes plant-based canned sparkling water using natural bold flavors.

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a month ago

Barbet offers a great range of flavors, and the overall taste is exceptionally refreshing. I'm a fan of both the branding and the delicious taste. There's an interesting twist, though – the can or label gives off a sweet, vanilla-like scent, which, while not impacting the taste,it can be a bit confusing as your senses try to match the scent with the drink.

Love Bite - Pink Grapefruit, Ginger, JuniperWild Card - blood orange, calamansi, jalapeno

8 days ago

I tried the light wave flavour and I’m ridiculously into it. Nice refreshing taste and the perfect amount of bubbles. I also just think the packaging is cute! lol

Light Wave - cucumber, pineapple, lavender

4 months ago

I am a die-hard Barbet Stan. The flavour if out of this world (way better that Olipop / Aura Bora IMO).

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4 months ago

Influencer for Barbet

Bought this overpriced can of Barbet hoping it would be worth the splurge. “Light Wave” cucumber and pineapple. First sips and it did not disappoint, amazing flavours. However, felt grossly mislead as neither cucumber nor pineapple were even listed as ingredients! Talk about false advertisement :( would not recommend upon the poor ethics of transparency.

2 months ago

Love the branding and the taste. Sooo good and it stands out on shelves!

3 months ago

I loveddd it. The packaging is so cute I low key use it as decor in my home. The overall taste was just super refreshing. Loved!!

3 months ago

My friend brought me some Barbet to try and it's become by far my favourite sparkling drink! The packaging is so cute too

3 months ago

I love this flavour Love Bite!! Perfect over ice and the exact weekday beverage I need! Please bring this out west!!!

3 months ago

Barbet is by far my favourite beverage! Such a great selection of flavours to keep my fridge stocked. The design of the cans are just as tasteful as the drink. Cheers!

3 months ago

My fridge stays stocked with these. The best 3pm pick me up!!!