BALA Footwear

BALA makes performance footwear for nurses to offer long-term support and comfort for 12-hour shifts.

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January 2021
Portland, Oregon, USA
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About BALA Footwear
BALA Footwear was established in Portland, OR by Nike veterans who spent decades making performance footwear for professional athletes. We brought the same obsession with performance and innovation to healthcare to create a product specifically designed for 12 hour shifts because we believe healthcare workers should be treated like professional athletes. The outcome is BALA Twelves. BALA Twelves are designed with Healthcare-Specific features that provide all-day comfort, protection from bodily fluids that commonly splash onto the floor, and high traction for slippery floors. We launched in January 2020 and have sold over 40,000 pairs to nurses all over the United States.
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