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BAGGU creates environmentally friendly bags with unique styles.


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a month ago

When they first came onto the scene, their bright and fun prints were truly unique. They make life a little more fun. I have their bags, crossbody purse, sunglass case and more. I've loved everything I've purchased. Not all of the patterns are up my ally, but they don't have to be- I can always find something I enjoy. They also make for the perfect gift.

7 days ago

What's not to love about Baggu? The patterns are amazing, prices are great, and they have such a big assortment of unique shapes and styles. My wife probably has a dozen baggu pouches and bags and they're on her Christmas list every year. We use the standard baggu daily for trips to the store or carrying leftovers and things to work. They're lightweight, durable, and surprisingly big. When we go grocery shopping, our baggus hold twice as much as our other bags.

Standard BagguToteCrossbody bag

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11 days ago

Absolutely love my Baggu bags, great material and fun designs. My only complaint, which is really my own fault, but I can never get the bags cleanly back in their case! Either that or I lose the case, but that’s a very minimal issue for me.


23 days ago

Baggu is a game-changer, y'all! 😍 I got one of their reusable bags, and it's basically become my sidekick. πŸ’ͺ First off, it's eco-friendly, and I'm all about saving the planet one bag at a time. πŸŒβ™»οΈ But here's the kicker - it's so darn stylish! I mean, I'm rocking it at the grocery store and the farmer's market. πŸ›’πŸŒ½ Plus, it's roomy. Like, Mary Poppins' carpet bag roomy. You can fit your life in there. πŸ’ΌπŸ‘œ And when you're done, just fold it up into a neat little square. It's like a magic trick, I swear. πŸͺ„πŸŽ© So yeah, Baggu, you've got a fan for life. πŸ™ŒπŸŒŸ

a month ago

everything they do is amazing. my tote bag never leaves my side. it carries so much, is so compact, and looks cool. my medium crescent? my kindle, a water bottle, wallet, 1000 things i don’t need, looks cute and is easy to clean. i love them.

3 days ago

I really like to always have a spare bag on me - it folds up into a small square and I toss them into all my bags. These are especially great when traveling - I use them for shopping and even laundry (they're washable). My only complaint is that the loops/straps are not long enough to comfortably carry. Great for a short haul!

Stasher BagTote

24 days ago

I have both the Baggu fanny pack and cloud carry on and love both. Their colorways are different and appealing and the storage on both is excellent. The cloud bag has a mini pouch that buttons in, making it easy to unbutton and take on the go. The fanny pack and two external zippered pockets and one internal- so much better than my Lululemon belt bag.

a month ago

Gotta say.. I dont think i have bought one but a few have made their way into my spot. I keep em in rotation mainly for groceries. They are small enough to not feel like I have a giant cargo of bags in my car and they work. They hold things. I can carry it. They have nice graphics. Certainly does what it is supposed to do... Magic.