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Atticus uses all natural, clinically-proven ingredients to create personalized skincare routines for men and women.

Atticus Reviews

Atticus reviews


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2 reviews

3 years ago

I decided to give this new men’s skincare line a try, and i’m SO glad I did! @be_atticus_ is is a personalized skincare brand that has great ingredients for anyone’s skin needs 🛁 Shea Cleanser - I took the quiz and was recommended this cleanser for my dry skin. It is a blend of shea butter, ginger root, and olive oil and it just feels incredible on the skin. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and never stripped. ☀️ Super Moisturizer - This A.M moisturizer features antimicrobial probiotic Lactobacillus Ferment, biometric ceramide complex, pentavitin, enzyme-transferring molecule Piperonyl Glucose, and collagen-boosting polymers. Along with SPF 15 and Zinc Oxide, this is a POWERHOUSE moisturizer. 💤 Evening Night Cream - This cream blends plant cell culture, emollient-rich anti-oxidants, and 0.2% retinol with Seaweed, Kakadu Plum, and shea butter. It is so rich and locks in all hydration overnight while soothing redness and smoothing wrinkles. I am beyond impressed with this simple routine… powerful and innovative ingredients, real results, and great packaging and textures. This is a new era of men’s skincare!

3 years ago

I decided to dive into a skincare routine with Atticus and have been absolutely loving the experience. Super intuitive with clear directions on usage and an easy-onboarding intake survey. Best part of the experience so far has been the open communication with the team -- I texted them a few questions and they responded back in under 30 minutes with thoughtful / contextual advice. They even offered to connect me with their dermatologist. Super helpful for a first-time user!


I know they're working on this, but would love to see educational resources on the site. E.g "What is retinol?" Or even something like "why men should care about skincare"