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Atoms makes everyday sneakers designed to be comfortable and sustainable.

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Atoms reviews


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All8Model 0011

2 months ago

Alright, let's talk about the Atoms Model 001. These bad boys are a game-changer in the world of everyday kicks. First off, they've got this whole redesigned outsole thing going on, giving you that solid support and stability you need, whether you're just strolling around town or on your feet all day. Plus, they're lightweight and slip-resistant, so you're good to go, rain or shine. Now, get this – the laces. You tie them once, and you're set. No more bending down to retie loose laces. And let's not forget the hidden tongue loops that make slipping these sneakers on a breeze. Comfort-wise, they've added extra padding for breathability and coziness. Seriously, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds. And hey, no stinky feet here, thanks to the antimicrobial copper threads woven inside. So, goodbye foot odor. These sneakers aren't just about comfort; they're also super durable and breathable. You can rock them with any outfit, dressing them up or down, and they'll still look awesome. The outsole, dubbed the 'Eternal outsole', is not just supportive but also flexible, giving your feet the TLC they deserve all day. In a nutshell, this the kind of sneaker you'll reach for every day, wondering why you ever wore anything else. It's that blend of style, comfort, and practicality that makes them a winner in my book.

Model 001

2 years ago

I was a bit skeptical finally ordering these after seeing a lot of Twitter hype. But they're extremely comfortable and have a clean look. It's a straight-forward, reasonably priced shoe for every day walking around. Nice onboxing experience as well as the packaging opens up to reveal each individual shoe.

2 years ago

I just love this brand. Their story is incredible. And the shoes are comfortable! They also have a separate brand of fancier leather shoes -- I have a pair and they are beautiful.

2 years ago

I had a pair of Atoms the year they launched. Back then, you got to pick shoe sizes that were 0.25 increments, and different sizes for each feet (so I have a larger right foot than my left foot). That's no longer an option which is too bad, and I've since thrown mine away since they're a few years old and wore through, but they are nice comfy shoes.

2 years ago

The comfiest sneakers. I have the originals in black/white. I didn't appreciate it when I first put them on but after wearing them consistently for many many months, I definitely notice the difference when I switch to my old walking sneakers which make my feet hurt after a few hours of wear. I can wear the atoms all day/night without any pain. I clean the white soles periodically with a magic eraser and they've kept up really well. I also love the brand story - so impressive what these founders have created. Also come in a very cool box.


Would love for them to launch a platform style

2 years ago

They are supremely comfortable shoes and hold shape very well. Even when I wear these barefeet, my feet do not get sweaty at all.


The overall design could improve. The material is clearly amazing, but the shoes themselves look a bit too dowdy for me to wear every day.

3 years ago

These are my go-to shoes, I own 4 pairs. I love the brand, the founders are such nice people, I'm just rooting for Atoms all over! These shoes are dang comfy, like very very comfortable. The elastic-laces are brilliant, I haven't had to tie my shoes since putting them on the first time. I like the style, maybe not LOVE the style, but like 'em enough certainly that it doesn't hold me back. They hold up nicely, I probably could clean them more frequently but that's on me.


More color options, but also take your time -- making things is hard!

2 years ago

Not the shoes, but the face masks. They're expensive but comfortable– order a size larger than you think you're going to wear, though as they are form-fitting. Pro tip– if you order more than one, clip them all on a carabiner if you launder them. They get lost really easily.


The branding is not obnoxious at all but the minimalist in me wishes they were unbranded. This is a nit pick and will have no negative impact on your experience.