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Armra makes a nutrient-rich colostrum concentrate that protects, restores, and enhances immune health and cellular performance.

ARMRA Reviews

ARMRA reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Boosts immunity
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms
  • Offers enjoyable flavors
  • May improve hair health
  • Expensive price tag
  • Questionable marketing techniques
  • Poor customer service
  • Potential for adverse reactions

ARMRA, while praised for its potential immunity boost, allergy relief, and enjoyable flavors, has been criticized for its high price, questionable marketing, and poor customer service. Some users also reported no noticeable benefits and adverse reactions.

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38 reviews

4 days ago

If you're like me... Armra was basically the only ad you got online for a year. Still, I see it EVERYWHERE. I was never convinced enough to order, then they started carrying it at Erewhon so I grabbed a box. I took it as directed for about a month, and no clear changes, but I liked the taste and believed in the results, so I kept going for a second month (I read somewhere that sticking with it for 2 months is best). Somewhere in month 2, I realized that I had not had a single stomach problem since I began taking it. I use to be pretty irregular and would have stomach aches or issues, and I haven't had a single one in 4 months. Not only that, but I haven't even been slightly sick with allergies, cough, runny nose or anything! I think it has definitely improved my immune system. My skin also looks great.

15 days ago

I really can't recommend this product when there are equivalent products for a fraction of the price out there. All they've really done is slapped some good branding on it. The colostrum I switched to is 30% of the price of Armra per gram and it's been vetted by my functional medicine doctor for quality. So my recommendation is, go see a functional medicine person or nutritionist that can guide you towards a better, cheaper product. EDIT: Also after reading other reviews, I'll note this. I take 10x Armra's recommended serving size, per instructions from my functional medicine doctor. I doubt anyone would notice much difference at Armra's serving size. If you're not seeing results, again go see someone who can guide you to the right dosage and/or other supplements to support your symptoms.

11 days ago

Influencer for ARMRA

I have been getting shipments and I have tried to return. They do not accept returns. I recommend if you are going to try this product order small and do not do auto ship. Again... this product can not be returned.

3 months ago

The hype is real about this magic potion! HOWEVER, all these people saying they “dry scoop” freak me out, legit tastes terrible when dry scooping. I prefer to mix in to my am coffee

3 months ago

I'm finally getting to try this after seeing all the hype around it. It's expensive so I am trying to be consistent with this to try to see if I can correlate any effects. I have the unflavored and will usually add sparkling water and a squeeze of lime or lemon to it. I've been having it almost daily for a couple weeks now and I'm not seeing any negatives but I'm not sure if I'm seeing positives either. However, I did go on a work trip during this time that had a crazy schedule and didn't get much sleep and I never got sick. I normally get sick after I travel, especially if it's stressful. So maybe this played a role in my increased immunity?

4 months ago

Listened to the Skinny Confidential podcast in which they interviewed the founder. Peaked my interest when speaking about immune system. I ordered the vine watermelon sticks. They are amazing for travel, can just toss in your bag. The taste is definitely sour candy like but i just put right in my mouth, don't mix with water. At first it is a little intense, but after time you get used to it. I take two scoops / packets a day and swear by it. I had a great customer experience and have re-ordered 3x now. I have not been sick since starting this product and will continue to use! I work really long hours and travel often for work. I cannot afford to get sick and love taking this product!

4 months ago

I resisted buying this as I always wait for the hype to die down. I am not a follower of "fads,' and I wait to see what everyone else has to say first. Just how I roll. So, after much research and reading reviews I bought one jar. I take one mouthful scoop per day, for now. It has been one month and I do notice more energy during the day and better sleep without the restlessness. I believe each one has a positive effect on the other. I'll take that as better sleep is important to me. I'm a customer

4 months ago

I read all the one star and wanted to post. 3 months and I still have 1/4 jar. I take 1 to 2 scoops daily. Hair fuller, improved mood and digestion as well as more energy. You are NOT supposed to put it in hot beverages so not sure why someone would claim benefits if they are putting it in their mushroom "coffee" . That's just stupid. It tastes great kinda malty. One scoop in mouth...chew a bit and a nice glass of water when you wake. Worth every penny. April 15 2024UPDATE: have now been taking daily since first of year and have NEVER felt better. Hair - noticeably thicker 4real, amazing. Immune System - I am Chief of Staff for 8 restaurants and have NOT been sick all year which is nothing short of miraculous

5 months ago

The worst customer service. Slow repossess and unwilling to send me a new flavor when I told them how I simply could not stand the taste of the blood orange.. A real company would have sent me a replacement no questions asked. Here's to another POS pandemic startup! I have now stopped multiple friends from using this product, a shame because had they responded to me I would have gotten them more cutovers and stayed a subscriber myself.

5 months ago

The marketing on this product is amazing, and I finally fell for it. Too bad it gave me a series of debilitating migraines, each and every day that I took it. I tested not taking it for 2 days- headaches disappeared-- took it on the third day, worst migraine of my life! I won't touch it again, and they won't take it back since I opened it. It tastes good, reminds me of powdered creamer, but that's about all it was good for!

5 months ago

Horrible customer service. This company is a scam. Take a look at the other reviews. I placed multiple orders but they never shipped them and kept canceling them with no messages from customer service whatsoever. When I reached out to their customer service they claimed I was ordering in bulk which I wasn't if I'm only buying one or two items at a time. The lack of communication, surprise cancellations, and slow response times without refunding my money. Do not trust this company.

a month ago

Don’t waste your money. I’ve been taking this for 6 months & I haven’t seen any change. It’s all marketing, no substance. If it’s too go to be true, it usually is applies here. I’m finishing my last jar & that’s it.

3 months ago

Beware this does not live up to its claims. I saw no difference. The slick advertising is appealing & promising but did not deliver any results for me. The money back guarantee has to be initiated with 30 days or you do not qualify for a refund. This is a buyer beware product not any different than any other colostrum product I have used in the past. Didn’t do any harm but didn’t do anything.

5 months ago

The worst customer service!no product ,no response, no refund. Nothing. Will solve this problem with the bank. So disappointed

10 months ago

Before I review the actual product, I want to mention that the marketing really bothers me...they market this as a "holy grail" product. I got ads that mentioned "de-aging" and that it would help with my skin, hair, nails, bloating, wrinkles, immunity, digestion and more. Anytime I see something that is marketed to this degree, I'm skeptical and honestly bothered. I bought this for traveling. I travel all over the world for work and traveler's diarrhea is just a common thing you prepare for. One of the best and most effective products I've taken to help with traveler's diarrhea is Diaresq which guessed it...bovine colostrum! I have taken Diaresq for years, but I liked that Armra had a smaller amount that I could take on a daily basis while I'm traveling. I took it for about a week before my trip, during my trip (3-weeks) and 1 week after the trip. What were some things that I noticed? It's impossible to attribute any of these things to Armra specifically (both the good and the bad). The good was: I didn't get sick the whole trip, I had regular bowel movements right from the get-go (which often doesn't happen), and I guess you could say that I had less bloating than normal. The bad was: I did have an upset stomach multiple times while taking this. Not every time, but every so often. As well as stomach pains. I'm not lactose intolerant, so I'm not sure if it was related to this or not. Challenges in using the product: Two things about using the product itself. The first is that the unflavored still does taste like bovine colostrum- so if you're sensitive to taste/smell, if you take this straight, it will bother you. Second, I did try to mix this into my cold beverages, but 1. it doesn't mix well, it gets clumpy and 2. because it's milky, it gives your beverage a weird frothy texture. Okay if you're drinking an iced latte. Really weird/gross if you're drinking a juice or something like that. All in all, I'm not sure if I'll use this again - perhaps for a future trip, but I doubt I will take this on a daily basis.

a year ago

I took Armra for about 2-3 months, I was feeling good, hair and skin looked good but I didn't particularly associated it with this product. Since it's pretty expensive, I decided not to renew and that's when I realized what colostrum was doing for me. I'm sure results vary from person to person depending how you metabolize ingredients, but in my case, it definitely helps with bloating and hair strength. I just wish it wasn't SO expensive.

a year ago

I finally bought this after seeing ads all the time, mainly because I was curious about the allergy benefits and hair health benefits they tout. I have really bad pine and evergreen allergies and I live in the Pacific Northwest so as you might imagine, I struggle quite a bit 😅. I have noticed a slight improvement in my allergies, they don't seem as bad as usual. I've been using this for about 2 months now but I don't always remember to have it every day, so that could be effecting it. It will be interesting to see if it helps during fire season. They mention improvements to hair in their marketing a lot and I can't say whether or not I'm noticing anything different. For what it's worth, I normally take a hair growth supplement so it will be hard to attribute one specific thing to any improvement. In terms of flavor, I really enjoy the blood orange. I was afraid it would taste like that fake orange Tang from childhood but it definitely has more of a realistic orange taste. I also most recently grabbed the limited edition watermelon flavor and I LOVE it. I blend it with real watermelon and mint and it tastes SO good and refreshing. I didn't have any shipping issues like the reviews before me. In fact, it arrives surprisingly quick without issue. I'm knocking 1 star off for a couple things. First, the price. This product is EXPENSIVE but since my allergies are so bad out here I am willing to give it a proper try (allergy meds make me extremely drowsy). I signed up for the subscription for the very slight discount to try to offset the cost. The other point I wanted to call out is their extreme green-washing marketing. Their most recent email contained a lot of fear-mongering around SPF, alluding that their product could be a suitable alternative to wearing sunscreen which really bothered me and almost had me reconsidering my subscription.

9 months ago

Kind of conflicted on what to say about this product. I have been using it for over a year now and I'm not sure if I really see any health benefits to it yet. I use 1 scoop a day now (i ised to take 2 scoops but its too expensive to do that) and instructions don't really suggest how much you should take. I do notice thicker fuller hair again but thats about it. When I had tried to reach out to customer service, they said you can drink as much as you like. It is very expensive and I drink the original which is milky for sure. I use a frother to break apart this powder down because it gets very lumpy and weird to drink. I will look for a cheaper and just as effective colostrum in the future. Btw..I started using California gold colostrum....not sure if it's better but I can tell you that my skin looks better. It also clumps but it's ok since it's like 1/4 of the price of Arma.

a year ago

So far I am on this ARMRA regamine. I love the taste, and I can't wait to start seeing the results of this. That was a couple of months ago. Now I can say that ARMRA is spot on when it comes to immune revival. Everyone in my circle has been sick or has caught colds, flu, etc. Not Muah....THANKFULLY I have been strong and resilient. I believe in this product. I treat the powder like gold. I just wish the product was sitting at a better price.


Pricey, please do better...

9 months ago

Caused allergy symptoms and hormone issues. Felt like pms within the first week and it was much too soon for that. Now that I am trying to return unused jar, the website for returns conveniently doesn’t work on different devices (and there is a return window). I had read this before buying. Now I know it’s true. Start small in case you react also bc you likely won’t be able to return.