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Apostrophe creates personalized acne treatments that are delivered straight to consumers.


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5 months ago

I really like Apostrophe and how easy it was to get products that worked on my skin. Their online submission form was easy to fill out and was nice to know a doctor looked over everything before sending a prescription. It is definitely more expensive than going to a dermatologist if you have insurance but for how quickly I got the products I needed and ability to do it at home was worth it. I got my product within in 5 days of submitting the form rather than the 2 month wait for my dermatologist.

3 months ago

Easy to use, well organised, and everything shipped fine, if not a little slow. Just had a couple issues with billing.

2 years ago

This has been the best experience I've had with online prescription skincare. It is so tailored to your needs, easily managed, and is gentle but super effective!

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a year ago

Way more convenient than going to the dermatologist IRL, Apostrophe has all of my skincare needs covered and the price is very reasonable for the services they provide.

a year ago

I get oral medication from them and the experience has been mostly good! However, the provider is mostly available only at the beginning, then takes longer for other nurses to answer questions regarding dosage and such. I do get a 3-month supply so it's not too big of a hassle.

a year ago

I wish I had tried this sooner! This was a god send during the pandemic when I couldn't see a specialist and really needed professional help with my skin. Tailored care, cute prescription packaging, and effective medicine. Saved my skin!

6 months ago

Super expensive medication served in bottles that produce random amounts per dosage. I was messaged repeatedly that it was time for my next doctor visit. I ignored because I didn't want to continue to use Apostrophe but it filled my prescription out of nowhere, three months later. I complained and was told that there are no refunds on shipped medication because of the FDA. True, sure, but how about re-prescribing despite the doc visit and autofilling without my okay? Go somewhere else, like to a dermatologist, for three times the amount of less.

9 months ago

Influencer for Apostrophe

Absolute game changer for my skin. I tried a few online dermatology platforms before sticking to Apostrophe. Not only did they have a variety of formulas for tretinoin (I use tret + azelaic acid), but their online derm teams were always super attentive and helpful and listened to my concerns. I also want to shout out their sunscreen because it is my HOLY GRAIL and no other sunscreen finishes so nicely on my skin. No pilling, no whitecast, just protection and soft skin.

2 years ago

I subscribed to this myself after getting targeted by an Instagram ad, and I’m glad I did. I’ve suffered from acne, and most recently, cystic acne for most of my adult life. I used to bounce from dermatologist to dermatologist, getting prescribed various medications that never seemed to work long-term. With Apostrophe, the experience was so easy and most importantly, fast: through the app, I was able to consult with one of their derms, and was prescribed two topicals. After a few months on a topical that was sort-of working, I was recently switched to azelaic acid that did wonders and I’m so happy with the results. I haven’t had skin this clear and glowy in a long time. I would definitely recommend trying this out if you struggle with chronic acne.