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Ami Ami sells specialty boxed wines made with grapes from the south of France.

Ami Ami  Reviews

Ami Ami reviews


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2 days ago

"OMG, this boxed wine is so good," said almost no one ever. Ami Ami is an exception, however, as their wines are authentically French and, for the most part, quite tasty. My wife and I recently went to a tasting and tried all four of their current products. Their Vin Blanc is a superb blend of Sauvignon Blanc (50%) and Chardonnay (40%), with a bit of Mauzac (10%). The Vin Rosé was similarly good (60% Syrah/40% Malbec) and surprisingly refreshing. I'm not a fan of orange wine, so didn't really like their "Vin Orange" (100% Grenache Blanc), but those at the event who are enthusiasts said it was excellent. The red ("Vin Rouge") is 100% Syrah, and though it was a little thin in both taste and mouthfeel it was not unpleasant. Given the price point ($25/box) and the fact that each box is the equivalent of two bottles, I'd recommend them, esp. the white and rosé.

a year ago

Okay so the instagram marketing got us on this one. We saw the inviting ads and then decided to try Ami Ami out. I must say that I was initially skeptical, but their red blend is really good! Obviously, it’s not the best wine you’ve ever had, but it stays fresh for a long time and it tastes good!


It’s a tiny bit expensive for boxed wine.

a year ago

Friends with Ami Ami

The south of france arrived to my dinner party in beautiful packaging that had everyone asking questions. We purchased both red and white to suit all guests. Leaving the boxes on the counter for several weeks without having to pour it out made me feel resourceful.


I would try the red and white. Both feel sourced from high end sources and my guests enjoyed both. I had pinot peter drinking white wine out of a box.

a year ago

Ami Ami gave me a whole new perspective on boxed wine. The Vin Rouge is a subtle yet powerful red that pairs well with any meal. The box is convenient, stores well and is perfect to set out during a get together without worrying about someone creating a mess. I haven’t tested just how far the freshness lasts but it holds really well in a two week timeframe. This is definitely a go to.


Don’t be deceived by the box you just have to try it out.