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Air up offers a drinking system driven by scent-based taste.


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21 days ago

It's fun to try but doesn't work well. You actually have to breathe while you're sipping the water otherwise you won't have any taste. It's quite exhausting and frustrating honestly. Keep your money!

21 days ago

This product does not work! My son saved his money to purchase this product. He waited anxiously for over a month to receive it and it didn’t work! We called customer support to let them know and they didn’t care. My son was out over $70! He’s only 10! Don’t buy from this company! I then went on their Facebook to comment and they blocked me and deleted my comments.

11 days ago

Don’t waste your money on this. The scent pods leave a horrible taste of chemicals in your mouth and the flavour of the pods don’t even come through. I wish I could give 0 stars. And since I gave them a chance and tried for myself I cant return anything because they are opened.

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20 days ago

Buyer beware: This product is not fit for purpose, its smells of chemicals and i suspect it is not healthy for you. Not only a poor product, but they have a "zero return policy" this is s a really bad idea.

22 days ago

I ordered my bottle in June 2023 before the 24th and it’s currently the beginning of September and I’m still waiting on the arrival of my bottle I am not very happy and I either want my bottle to be delivered this month or I want my money back

6 days ago

I was coming in to give a one star review until I realised the bottle wasn’t assembled properly. When drinking, there should be a bubbling sound from the water. This wasn’t happening for us and I thought it was a total scam. I pushed the straw more firmly into the lid and now it works as expected. The reason for not getting more stars is that it’s still quite expensive for a water bottle

Air up bottle

a month ago

I love the idea, but the bottle is completely useless. There is a mould in the bottle cup, and the team support colleague confirms that is normal for this design🤮

a month ago

Pressured to buy 2 of these for my kids because of other kids having them in school due it being a ‘viral’ trend - BULL! £40 each an absolute rip off the ‘taste’ pods are pointless. It leaks if not kept upright similar to the £2 one I bought direct from China. This will have cordial and water in it for the rest of its life. It’s truly amazing how these reviews differ from the ones on their own website.

4 months ago

Never tried before and was curious so I bought one. £24.99 for the bottle, £4.99 for the apple pods and £11.99 for the favourites pack. I put a code in and got 20% off and delivery was free. I’ve only tried apple so far as I don’t want to waste the pods and so far so good! I think people don’t realise that you have to lift the pod all the way up (Hense the terrible reviews I’ve seen). It works 100% and I’m definitely a customer for life. I really recommend Air Up & their pods. I was even given a free Strawberry & Lemongrass pod in my box which was lovely! I didn’t expect this bottle to work because of the reviews but after buying one I can deffo say it does. It gives your water a nice tint of the flavour. The bottle works by air holes in the pods. When you suck up you suck up some of the scent from inside the pod and the water in your mouth gets a taste of the scent. That’s how it works. There’s nothing tricking your brain like they say. I love this though! It’s so original and creative.

a month ago

It works! I was sceptical but teen asked for one for his birthday. Once I’d tried it I bought my own. It is a little hard to drink from till you get used to it and the straw needs a thin brush to clean but it makes water more interesting. The cola pods are my favourite