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aila makes plant-based energy mixes from superfood, nutrient-rich blends to offer a natural pre-workout boost or coffee replacement.

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a year ago

At first, I had zero expectations of Aila. I love trying the latest beverage products especially powders. I've been looking for a lightweight alternative to pre-workouts that don't feel like I'm drinking Skittles or Starburst and nothing was impressive until I stumbled upon Aila. Alia comes in two options, Focus, and Immunity. I'll alternate between the two depending on how I feel that day. (i.e. I'll take immunity if I wake up stuffy.) I mix with water, it's super lightweight and doesn't make you feel disgusting or bloated while working out or going on a morning run. After 30ish minutes I feel less brain fog and have a lot of energy without feeling jittery/shaky. I'll be using this as my pre-workout for the foreseeable future. Would recommend it to anyone who works out or needs a morning/mid-day pick-me-up alternative to coffee or sports drink.


I think the utility of the packaging could be improved, but it's the farthest from a dealbreaker.

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feelEasy subscription management 🔁Works really well
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