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aila makes plant-based energy mixes from superfood, nutrient-rich blends to offer a natural pre-workout boost or coffee replacement.

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June 2021
New York City, U.S.
Katie Webb
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About aila
Aila is an active nutrition brand for the modern fitness consumer. We make drinkable supplements from superfoods and key vitamins to boost energy, focus, and overall nutrition for your active routine. Founder and personal trainer, Katie Webb, started aila after she had trouble finding pre-workout supplements that weren't loaded with caffeine, artificial fillers, or that were safe for long term use. At aila, we believe that being active and being well can go hand in hand - whether you're running marathons, doing yoga or walking your dog. Which is why our blends are formulated with ingredients you know, to support your general well-being, with a side of kicking a**. We believe in the power of the in-between moments that push you through. Aila sets the stage for your most free & powerful state - giving you the energy to unlock what’s already inside & letting you just run with it.
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At first, I had zero expectations of Aila. I love trying the latest beverage products especially powders. I've been looking for a lightweight alternative to pre-workouts that don't feel like I'm drinking Skittles or Starburst and nothing was impressive until I stumbled upon Aila. Alia comes in two options, Focus, and Immunity. I'll alternate between the two depending on how I feel that day. (i.e. I'll take immunity if I wake up stuffy.) I mix with water, it's super lightweight and doesn't make you feel disgusting or bloated while working out or going on a morning run. After 30ish minutes I feel less brain fog and have a lot of energy without feeling jittery/shaky. I'll be using this as my pre-workout for the foreseeable future. Would recommend it to anyone who works out or needs a morning/mid-day pick-me-up alternative to coffee or sports drink.


I think the utility of the packaging could be improved, but it's the farthest from a dealbreaker.

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feelEasy subscription management 🔁Works really well
3 months ago