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8Greens makes supplements from real greens, packed with superfoods.


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3 months ago

I got the 8greens skin greens with marine collagen from Amazon last summer on a whim after seeing something on tv about them. I had always used good skin care but this was my first “wellness” beauty/health supplement that I would be drinking. I loved them. They tasted good, I got the apple flavor. My skin looked overall hydrated and had a glow and I felt better. I’ve tried numerous products that are similar to them sense then, and I usually end up going back to these. The only thing I don’t like is the price of them, it’s a bit more than I like spending. They have them at target now too! The other 8greens that aren’t the “skin greens” with marine collagen aren’t as good in my opinion but they are a bit cheaper! I guess it depends on what you’re purchasing them for.

a year ago

Probably my favorite way to get my greens - My favorite is the OG drink tablet, but the gummies are great & I love the fun options like the lollipop and different benefits like the skin one!

a year ago

The peach gummies are delicious. They taste like a snapple peach iced tea! Supplement efficacy is a hard thing to measure without bloodwork, so I really have no idea how effective they are... but I do enjoy taking them every day.


Is there a laymen/user friendly way of measuring efficacy?

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a year ago

One of the better 'greens' drinks I've tried. I like all of the favors and notice a big difference in my hair/nails when i consume consistently!

7 months ago

I loved the taste of these! They are so simple to drop in your water and go, no stirring required! Made getting my greens in super easy.


Wish I could find these in stores! Feel like I only ever buy online.