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818 Tequila crafts unique tequila products with smooth and enjoyable taste.


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3 months ago

If you want a celebrity-hyped tequila that is hit or miss (sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not), then this is the brand for you. It's not Patron by any means. 818 Tequila has a very vanilla aftertaste to it and doesn't mesh well in a margarita but you might find it useful in a sweeter drink.

3 months ago

The tequila is good, not great, but the frustrating thing I have realized is the prices are all over the place depending on where you shop. I've found that BevMo on Instacart has the best prices.

5 months ago

I love tequila. And when I first tried 818, I thought I found my new go-to. Seriously, first bottle I had was SO GOOD. It tasted smooth yet sweet, perhaps hints of vanilla? It was a delicious chilled shot. However, the second bottle, I almost spit out the tequila immediately. I had to double check, it was actually 818. It was not good. They were bottled on different dates, and so this leads me to believe that they have a serious quality control issue. I tread with caution with buying this, haven’t found a bottle as good as my first encounter.

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3 months ago

I know this isn’t an “authentic” tequila (Kardashian-Jenner-fied) but it’s good. I love that it’s vanilla-y and easy to drink

4 months ago

There are better, great-tasting, less expensive tequilas out there. This is mostly celebrity hype.

3 months ago

I have enjoyed 818 tequila! It has an interesting vanilla aftertaste that I like better than other tequilas. I can actually take shots of this (and I have a pretty hard time with tequila shots usually!). Would definitely buy again.

3 months ago

The girls and I always make sure we have an 818 bottle for a girls night out! No hang over, the taste isnt bad at all either!

2 months ago


Hands down best reposado tequila for sipping and Shotz in its price range,tried it chilled and warm in shotz, warm is better it really brings out the beautiful caramel finish of this tequila,someone mentioned who owns it,doesn’t matter who owns it as long as thier making good quality small batch tequila unlike mass produced tequila like patron,give the Reposado a shot,and u won’t give other tequila another look

818 Reposado tequila

2 years ago

Really smooth and delicious. I was pleasantly surprised - thought it would be overhyped by kendal jenner tbh