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470 Baking Company makes all-natural, vegan sourdough goods

470 Baking Company Reviews

470 Baking Company reviews


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5 reviews

All5Melissa's Sourdough Crisps2Sourdough Crisps1Flaky Salt and Black Pepper Sourdough Crisps1Fresh Rosemary Sourdough Crisps1Original Sourdough Crisps1

6 months ago

There’s a local grocery store near me called the salt horse where I’ve tried these before and oh my goodness so good. I think they’re absolutely a staple for any charcuterie board by far. 10/10

a month ago

best crackers ever - full stop. I like the salt and black pepper the best but they're all good! They never last long enough, Melissa rocks.

4 months ago

Friends with 470 Baking Company

Have become a staple in our house. The best cracker to pair with...anything! And loved by everyone I gift them to. Flaky salt and black pepper is my favorite but all flavors hit the spot.

Melissa's Sourdough Crisps

4 months ago

I eat these with literally everything: cheese, salad, soup, hummus, basically every dip ever. SO great to see a food entrepreneur who has turned her passion into an absolutely incredible (and tasty) product! Would 100% recommend.

Melissa's Sourdough CrispsSourdough CrispsFlaky Salt and Black Pepper Sourdough CrispsFresh Rosemary Sourdough CrispsOriginal Sourdough Crisps

4 months ago

Friends with 470 Baking Company

Melissa's Sourdough Crisps are a huge hit in our house! They pair great with cheeses and dips, but vanish so quickly, we never get a chance to assemble a proper cheeseboard. I love all the flavors, definitely try all three.