Lisa V
1 Review
4 months ago


I was intrigued, so I went to their site. The quiz you take to find the right color for your space, needs immense work. Currently it’s a waste of time. Also, I’ve never had to pay for paint chip samples and had to wait to get them sent to me. They claim it’s so easy with them, but it’s more work, more money and wasted time to have to be sent everything. Like a lot of new product driven companies sprouting up being only online, the site is cute with snappy writing but ultimately under promising underneath all the flash. I’ll stick to my local hardware store where you can get 'free' paint swatches on demand and a local professional’s assistance.


The quiz needs a lot of work. I picked blue as my one piece with color, it’s actually turquoise. But I had to lump it in with the navy and baby blue because the choice was severely limited. Which as a designer, I found ridiculous.

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