• Extra Goodie

    Danielle M 1 Review

    a year ago

    After getting lash extensions a few years ago I found my natural lashes became extremely sparse and very short. When I wore mascara they would just stick straight out like little nubs and I couldn’t even curl them. I wanted to get them back to how they were pre-extensions so I looked into lash serums. I tried out a different brand prior to trying extragoodie which honestly worked so well for me, but it took 3 months and it would sometimes burn my eyes and make them so dry. Then I heard about extra goodie from a friend and decided to give it a try…on my first bottle I noticed a significant difference within the first 2 weeks and not just me…my friends and coworkers would constantly comment on how long my lashes were. Extra goodie did not burn my eyes at all or make them feel dry and I even followed the “twice a day everyday” regimen. When I would use mascara I would barely have to curl my lashes because the length and fullness it gave me was quite dramatic. I just love this product. Also, customer service has been fantastic. They accidentally sent me the wrong item last year and they IMMEDIATELY sent me the correct product and was done in a timely and very polite and professional manner.