• Karst

    Kyara B 1 Review

    a year ago

    I have bought the Praxis set of 3 books and my feelings are mixed... Thanks to thinktesting I got a 15% discount (THANKS!!!), but still I have paid 85€ for three "planners" that could have been gathered in just one (there are a few pages that are identical amongst the books). The mindfulness book has exercise for every day, great! Unfortunately most of them are coloring pages! In the habit and gratitude books the same 3 questions are repeated for about 100 pages... Sure, the method says we need to set time in our day to pause and reflect, but so why not proposing flexible format like rings? The price should be justified by the quality of the books and the wood-free pages, but still the package arrived ripped (it is specified "handled with care"!!!) and in my opinion the covers quality is not so high. Colours are very nice and I bought the set not only for the esthetics but because of the scientific based help for mental health. As I have just received them, I cannot say more, but I will update this review in 3 months (otherwise it means it was really unuseful!).


    Merge the 3 books in only one and maybe having it on rings, no hard covers, so that it would be possible to add more pages as needed.