• Artemis

    Leslie H 2 Reviews

    2 months ago

    Friends with Artemis

    From a WhatsApp to the founder: Noël!! We finally used Leto and I can’t believe how soft Mycroft is! It’s like his puppy fur 🥺🥺🥺

  • Atmo Home

    Leslie H 2 Reviews

    a year ago

    Honestly, this is such a great product. Sustainability is really important in our household, as is cleanliness. I have been bothered by the lack of refill shops and products in the U.K. and europe, so Atmo Home really fills a void. The tablets are brilliant, work well, and smell nice. Plus the branding and packaging are just so satisfying and calming. More of this product, please!


    Easier to buy in the U.K.