Lara C 1 Review

    2 years ago

    I received my kit as a gift - it was so much fun to open & everything you need is included in the box. Had a catch-up with a friend and we tried it out. We got a brick of clay each and both made pots with the easy instructions. My pot was pretty wonky but I didn't care I got some paints & painted it, which took me more than a week because I kept changing it. Probably need a mallet to break it has that many coats of paint. This is fun & different - try it! I have also given a couple as gifts & friends have been impressed. It is a quality present better than a bunch of flowers.


    Can't think of anything you need to improve the kit you got everything you needed to try your hand at pottery. I was a first-timer at pottery so everything impressed me. Maybe a paper table cloth? We got pretty messy.